Boost Your Ego With Ego Strengthening Exercises

What is ego? Do you really have control over your ego? How do you strengthen your ego? Wait! What is ego strength? These are the questions perplexing the minds of a lot of us. And figuring out how they apply to our own lives.

What is ego? Do you really have control over your ego? How do you strengthen your ego? Wait! What is ego strength? These are the questions perplexing the minds of a lot of us. And figuring out how they apply to our own lives.

First, let’s dispel the horrific myths of “ego”. Many fail to move past the typical “Oh my, look at the ego on that one!” type of thinking. Having an ego is much like having breath. It’s impossible to be without an ego. Yes, the Greek origin of the word ego means “I”.

But it’s not a bad thing and shouldn’t immediately be assigned a negative connotation. It’s about you and your reality. More importantly, it’s how you deal with your reality.

The Highs and Lows of Ego

Everyone has an ego. Development of the ego starts immediately after birth and continues to develop throughout life. So yes, it’s possible to mold egoistic characteristics by mere experiences. Think of the ego as the middle of a teeter totter. The balancer.

Your ego is the sense of balance; it balances desires with reality. It is the moral compass; the set of rules we live by which we have developed over the years, starting with how we were raised and enhanced by societal standards. Which is your ego-strength? High or low?

High Ego-Strength

” High emotional intelligence
” Solution-oriented
” Confident
” Good coping skills
” Resilient
” Unafraid to try new things
” Builds character and learns from failures

Low Ego-Strength

” Avoids challenges
” Reality is overwhelming and undesired
” Confuses reality with wishful thinking
” Unrealistic expectations of self and others
” Easily gives up or breaks down
” Sticks to their “comfort zone”
” Inadequate coping skills
” Feels unresourceful or incapable of handling unfamiliar tasks

If you can identify with more of the low ego-strength characteristics than high, you would definitely benefit from some ego strengthening exercises. Let’s look at how to do just that!

Ego Strengthening Exercises

To strengthen your ego, you must first look at the characteristics of a strong ego. You’ll then use that as a foundation and build upon those particular characteristics which you feel you may be lacking. The following list denotes high ego-strength traits and how to use them to strengthen your own ego.

Courage – Face your fears. Easier said than done, right? Start with the small ones. You’ll gain confidence as you succeed and feel more comfortable tackling the bigger ones in time.

If you fail, don’t beat yourself up about it. Build on the experience and use that to your advantage. Brainstorm for a different approach or mode of conquering your fears. Just don’t give up; giving up means your fear won the battle.

Vulnerability – Practice being honest with yourself and others. Sometimes it’s hard to put ourselves out there, but there’s an incredible development of strength when we do just that.

You’ll feel better about yourself for being genuine and you might even give others the strength to do the same. Everybody is different, and people are far less critical of you than they are of themselves. Give it a try!

Discipline – Good habits are a great day to develop a stronger ego. Incorporate a healthy eating plan or routine exercise regimen into your life. If that’s already in place, try some self-care techniques for personal enrichment. Discipline doesn’t allow for excuses, so whatever you decide, make sure to follow through with it.

Give Back – There’s no better way to build confidence than through service. Serving others provides the feelings of being needed, relevant and necessary. When we are missing these emotions in our personal and professional lives, we can look to service to fulfill the need. Give without the expectation of receiving a reward or repayment.

Feed Your Mind – Have you ever been part of a conversation but feel you aren’t educated enough to add valuable input? Give your brain the gift of learning. Research new subjects or brush up on subjects you know well. There are countless free resources available on just about any subject.

From newspapers to video tutorials, you’re sure to find something you didn’t already know. Feeling smarter strengthens your ego, especially when you can hold your own in an intellectual conversation!

Try New Things – And finally, get out there and try new things. The only way to truly learn who you are and what you like/dislike is by trial and error. Ever tried speed-dating? Probably not, but you almost certainly have an opinion about it.

Don’t limit yourself to ideals of your social circle. Branch out and discover new things. Enrich your ego by exploring the unknown, unafraid and with zeal!

The amazing thing about your ego is that it’s built upon characteristics you already have. Nobody can take these characteristics away from you. They will always be a part of you. It’s up to you to develop them and use them to strengthen your ego.

Nobody else can do it for you. If you are pursuing the best version of you, try some, or even all, of these ego-strengthening exercises. You won’t be disappointed!