COVID-19, Election, Protests, Closings and Nukes oh my!

It’s not bad enough that the world has been turned up side down because of COVID-19 better known as the (coronavirus), but you also have to think about who you are going to elect for presidency, the protests, good and bad, all of the businesses that are not reopening and now the North Korea wants to nuke the United States.

Let’s start with COVID-19.

When I first heard about COVID-19, it was from my daughter. She had asked me if I had heard about a man who was sick from a virus and I said, no. A week had went by and then I started to hear on the news that more people was getting sick from this virus and that people are starting to die from the virus. Long story short, now we are just coming off of lock down. I mean, stay at home mandate. Millions has contracted the virus and hundreds of thousands have died from the virus.

Check out the video below by TRT World from Youtube how fast it has spread and it is still spreading across the globe.

I STILL wear a mask and use my gloves too! Depending on where I am going to be. You should be too! This I believe is going to be our new normal way of life. That is you have to have on a mask to enter a business or be around other people.

Now, the election for presidency of the United States 2020.

We have Donald Trump (republican presidential nominee) and Joe Biden (democratic presidential nominee) who are the last two standing for the 2020 election. For Donald Trump it will be his’s second term in office as the President of United States. Where as Joe Biden was the former Vice President of the United States and it will be his first term as president of the United States. These two knows what the job details are all about.

I’m not going into any political issues about these guys. You should by now know the details on both of them. But, it’s that you have to decide who you want to be our new commander and chief for the next 4 years. Because of the Corona Virus they have not been able to campaign like they would have done if we didn’t have the pandemic. So, it’s another thing you have to think about on top of everything else that is going on in your life. But! It’s important!

Below is two videos that I thought might give you a little insight of whats going on with both of them. The first one is on John Bolton’s views of what he describes as the optics of Trump’s meetings with Kim Jung Un and says there has not been any progress on the denuclearization of the nuclear bombs in North Korea. Also in the video you will find some others things that are interesting as well.

The second video is an update of how Joe Biden is doing at the poles. CNN’s Manu Raju is breaks down how Joe Biden has the lead over President Trump in the national polls. This video from CNN is from June 28, 2020.

Protests and Riots

George Floyd

The protests started out to be for support for George Floyd who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. What made this so upsetting to everyone is that George Floyd was a black man and the police officer was white. The officer who had George Floyd in handcuffs behind his back, had George pinned down with his knee in his neck for eight minutes and forty six seconds. There were three other police officer’s there as well and they did nothing to stop the other officer because he was their superior.

George Floyd had begged for his life but officer Derek Chauvin didn’t stop. This was all being video taped by people who was standing around and who had witnessed it. Once the people started to share the video more and more people was upset (including me).

This one stupid act by officer Derek has started all kinds of movements like “Black Lives Matter”, “Social Injustice”, “Police Brutally” and so much more. Can you believe that now Quaker Oats is changing the Aunt Jemima brand and there are other companies who are doing the same. Aunt Jamima has been around for 131 years. I personally will not like the change.

But, getting back to the protests. The protest started a bunch of riots. It had got way out of hand. People destroyed a lot of property and this was not showing support for the cause. The bad people used this as an excuse to riot. Below is two videos. The first one is on protest leading to the White House and the second one is from protest around the world.

Great Big Story
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Protesters of all ages, all races, all backgrounds are showing up at Black Lives Matter protests out of love for their fellow human beings. Out of love for George Floyd. Out of love for Breonna Taylor. Out of love for all of the Black people who have lost their lives because of the color of their skin. You can feel this love when you attend a protest. You can see it on the faces of the people all around you. You can hear it in their voices. Sometimes, it flows through the mass of people like a quiet undercurrent. Sometimes, it’s downright joyful. No matter how it’s expressed, it’s always potent, always powerful. And it’s going to change the world for the better. From New York City to Philadelphia, from Amsterdam to Paris, this is what it is like to attend Black Lives Matter protests. 


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Now, I will show you some videos that’s going to be a little shocking below. But, you will see how things can get ugly at protests and riots. I don’t know if you have really seen whats going on out there. These two videos below are not what has been seen on TV. I don’t think they want everyone to see what really happened at some of these protests and riots. I’m quite sure it was even worse then what we have seen. There’s just no video of it. That is what had happened.

From The New York Times – Philadelphia Police Violated Their Own Guidelines, Here’s How | Visual Investigations

On June 1, SWAT teams turned a protest march in Philadelphia into chaos. They went to the site, interviewed witnesses and analyzed dozens of videos to reconstruct what had happened.

The second video from the New York Times – How a Night of Chaos in Minneapolis Unfolded | Minneapolis Protests on May 28, 2020.

Videographers for The Times captured this scene outside the Third Precinct in Minneapolis as peaceful demonstrations over the death of George Floyd turned violent, and a group of protesters set the building on fire out of rage. More from The New York Times Videos:

Ok, moving right along, we have a lot of retail stores closing.

Some of these places have been around for decades and I can’t believe that they are going to close down for good or even closing down a lot of their branches. This is happening because of COVID-19. A lot of these businesses lost a fortune when they had to close down for safe distancing and the stay-at-home laws. While others thrives from this like Walmart, Target and Amazon. These guys could stay open because they were considered a necessity business. The giants stayed open because they had food, water and toilet paper just to name a few.

Some of these places have been around for decades and I can’t believe that they are going to close down for good or even closing down a lot of their branches. This is happening because of COVID-19. A lot of these businesses lost a fortune when they had to close down for safe distancing and the stay-at-home laws. While others thrives from this like Walmart, Target and Amazon. These guys could stay open because they were considered a necessity business. The giants stayed open because they had food, water and toilet paper just to name a few.

Places like Game Stop is closing 320 stores, Victoria’s Secret is closing 238, Sears closing 51, Walgreens closing 200, Nordstrom closing 19, Kmart closing 45, Pier 1 closing 450, Guess closing 100, Chico’s closing 200, Macy’s closing 125, Gap closing 230, Bose closing 119, Hallmark closing 16, Bed, Bath & Beyond closing 44, Express closing 100, Papyrus closing 254, Signet Jewelers closing 300, Bath & Body Works closing 50, Wilsons Leather and G.H. Bass closing 199, Forever 21 closing 178, JCPenney closing 162, Art Van Furniture closing 125, Destination Maternity closing 183, Modell’s closing 153, A.C. Moore closing 145, Olympia Sports closing 76, Earth Fare closing 50, Lucky’s Market closing 32, Neiman Marcus closing 20, GNC will close 800 to 1200 stores and Walmart is closing 3 stores. One in Michigan and two in North Carolina.

Wow! That’s a lot of stores that are closing and this is not probably going to be the end of stores closing.

Last but not least the Nuclear Bombs

Kim Jong Un has been the supreme leader of North Korea since December 2011 when his father died.

Gigantic isn’t it. Well Kim scares the heck out of me, because you can sneeze the wrong way and he might nuke you. Ok, that’s a little dramatic I know, but let’s face it, if he and Trump or any of our presidents cross eyes, then it’s over for the United States. If he can have his own uncle killed then he won’t even think twice about killing us. The only reason why he hasn’t bomb the US is because he know we will get him too, be for the bombs get here.

As in the video earlier above you seen that Trump tried to get Kim to denuclearize North Korea. Instead he is making more nukes and playing around with them like they’re his toys. He’s a grown man playing with big rockets that also happens to be big bombs.

Well, below I have two more videos for you to watch. The first one gives you a little insight on Kim Jong Un life until now. Including the fact that he has not been seen for a while. They think he is in hiding staying away from the Coronavirus. He’s been missing in action since it started.

North Korea threatens its nukes could destroy United States above video.

North Korea over the weekend, reportedly said its nuclear weapons could lead to the destruction of United States, if a war on the Korean Peninsula breaks out. This comes after a barrage of threats made against South Korea, including those of military action, and blowing up the inter-Korean liaison office.

It seems like the U.S.-North Korea relationship is back to square one,… where it was before the two Trump-Kim summits.

When we see it says this past weekend, the weekend is between June 26th through June 28th of 2020 .

These guys are now trowing a monkey wrench into the mix. As if we don’t have a enough on our plates with COVID-19, the election for presidency, protests and riots (they seem to have slowed down on rioting), businesses closing everywhere and now we have to wonder if North Korea is going to nuke us.

These past four months, March, April, May and June has set the record for dramatics. I mean this is just the tip of the iceberg. You, me have a lot that is going on in our personal lives, but there is still a whole lotta more going on out there that I haven’t covered here.

So, bottom line, LIVE IN THE NOW, because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.


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